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Friday, December 5, 2008

Videos about long haul drivers

Over the holidays I've not had much time to blog... sorry.

I'm working on getting current job openings posted if not daily, then weekly.

And my license is almost cleaned up!

I got caught 4 times with bad tags, drove my Dad's car after he died...
I was lucky I didn't get charged with driving with no insurance!

One prospective employer told me that my driving record looks like I had a pattern of irresponsibility. I wish that shoe didn't fit.

I've done my penance... in less than 60 days, I can get the entire thing expunged!

NO sh**!!!

3 years since a moving violation and MD MVA will let you get a clean slate.

Looking forward to that.

I write full time, but it'd be nice to have my CDL to fall back on.

I've *fallen back* on it quite a few times over the past 26 years.

Hope you had a nice as a Thanksgiving as I did.

C Ya

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