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Thursday, April 6, 2017

How To Find Out If Your Boss Is An A-Hole

Check Your New Jobs Rating by past employees, BEFORE you take the job

Ever worked for a company and later found out your boss is an a** hole? You probably got hired because whoever had that job before you either quit or got fired... He/She KNEW the boss was an a** hole, somebody knew...

a** hole-ness doesn't just pop in from outer space, 
How come nobody told you?

They could have, if you knew where to ask

Here's how to pay it forward, the economy is coming back.. there are more jobs now than during the housing market/ financial collapse, if you take a job... then wish you hadn't,

POST why the company sucked on

If you're looking for a dispatcher job, before you accept, go check to see if the guy who you were replacing left the boss a bad review

This site is not responsible for libel, any driver who ever worked for a truck company is welcome to rate any company they worked for, of course if they got fired, they might not give an accurate description of what it was like to work there.