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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What A DAC Report Is And How It Can Hurt You

What IS a DAC Report?
... and how can it hurt your chances of landing a good truck driving job (even if you don't know that you have a DAC report)

HireRight-DAC Trucking, a subsidiary of the consumer credit reporting agency, USIS

The DAC report that can ruin a drivers career.
The DAC report which is used as a retaliation by companies against drivers.
A Negative DAC Report, which without professional help, can be difficult to almost impossible to rid false information from it.

The DAC Employment History File is a report produced by HireRight-DAC Trucking, a subsidiary of the consumer credit reporting agency, USIS. The report contains a truck driver's employment history, including accidents, reasons for quitting or being fired from a job, type of trailers hauled (tankers, flatbeds and box) and types of freight transported. If you are a truck driver, monitor the information reported in the DAC documents to ensure that all items are accurate and updated.

Getting Your DAC Report
Step 1
Call the HireRight Customer Service Hotline at (800) 381-0645 to request a copy of your DAC report.

Step 2
Provide identifying information, including name, address, drivers license number and contact information, including telephone number.

Step 3
Visit the HireRight website, if you prefer to request your DAC report by postal mail. (see Resources).

Step 4
Download the HireRight Consumer Report Request form (a .pdf file) and complete the form as directed.

Step 5
Include all relevant identifying and contact information in Part II. In Part III of the form, you will need to indicate which information you are requesting, in addition to the DAC. You can also request Criminal Record Information, Theft Database, Alcohol/Controlled Substance Testing Information, Motor Vehicle Report, Credit Report and Previous Report Recipient Information.

Step 6
Indicate whether you are entitled to a free copy of your DAC report in Part IV. The Fair Credit Reporting Act entitles consumers to one free report every 12 months. You can also obtain your report free of charge if you have been denied employment based upon information found in your DAC report, if you have been the victim of identity theft and have placed a fraud alert in your consumer report file, receive public assistance, are unemployed and wish to apply for employment within 60 days or if your report contains faulty information caused by fraud. If you do not qualify for a free report, you must pay $10, via check, cashiers check or money order, to obtain your copy.

Step 7
Indicate whether you wish to have your report issued to any third party in section V. Provide the third party's relationship to you, their name, company name and address, so that a copy can be sent to them via postal mail.

Step 8
Read the Consumer's Certification and Authorization in Part VI, then sign and print your name and date the form.

Step 9
Mail your request to the address listed on the form.

A few days ago spoke with the owner of DacFix. This is a company
which has a 70% success rate of removing FALSE info from a drivers
DAC report.


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