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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stop False Information being Reported on CDL Drivers Dac Report

Make A Mistake in most careers and just don't tell any one about it... if you don't list that you once worked there, chances are no one will ever find out that you messed up.

Make a Mistake behind the wheel of a CDL Truck and your branded for life.

That's how it should be, after all, when we get behind the wheel of 33 tons, barreling down the Interstate @ 65MPH everyone else's lives are in our hands... that's why they pay us to be professionals.

Fair enough... but what if the companies that hire us decide they are above professionalism?
What if they discover that, should they choose to, they can threaten us, coerce us, get us to accept what ever the see fit to make us accept, at any terms they deem necessary?

What am I talking about?
Trucking companies can and do file DACs reports about drivers that are no longer employed by them.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Trucking Companies have been ruining Drivers careers for years by placing false information on their DAC report.

The sad part is that so many drivers don't even know that a DAC report exists about them, let alone how to obtain one. Every one reading this should request a copy of their DAC and know what companies have said about you, especially if you are having difficulty finding a job. ( the first report is free)

We are standing up for drivers to fight against this unacceptable practice that is used many times as a retaliation tactic against a driver. Many times the information is falsely reported is by an employee who just does not care enough to ensure the accuracy of the information that they are reporting AGAINST the driver.

Please sign the petition and READ some of the COMMENTS by DRIVERS of what FALSE INFORMATION reported on their DAC report has done to their careers.

Stop False Dac Reporting

Sign this petition for your fellow drivers whose lives are being ruined by the extreme difficulty or even inability to remove FALSE information from their DAC report.
It only takes less than 1 minute
Allen Smith    


Let me just say that I am so angry right now! All of you who have
written me about the false info on your DAC...the absolute horror
stories explaining how you can't get hired because of false
information and reporting.
I started a thread on a forum explaining all of this and.............
Well, what they're saying is.... you're lying!!

On one of the forums a senior member said this:

"DAC is nothing more than a repository for information that many
 truck companies use to store their information. 99.9% of the time,
 DAC is used for what it was designed for and that is simply to
store the information and make it available to other companies
doing employment verifications. Having that information stored
speeds up the hiring process for a driver and saves time and money
 for the company. Most DAC reports are satisfactory and 99% of those
 DAC reports that are not satisfactory, are done so for good reason.

All that being said, I will agree that sometimes in very rare
a disgruntled boss or fleet manager uses DAC in a way to
 get back at a driver. But these instances are rare - much rarer
 than some people might want you to believe - and when they do
 happen, are generally "pretty easy to clear up."
In essence what he is saying is that truckers are lying and that the
companies info is correct 99% of the time.
He also said that it's "pretty easy to clean up" if there is a

This is nothing more than an attempt to stop people from spreading
 the word about the BIG MONEY MAKING SCAM of DAC reporting!!

Here is the link to the thread on the forum that was started! Read It Yourself

You owe it to YOURSELF and to your fellow drivers to make a
comment/reply to this ridiculous reply and out right lie that is
causing thousands of drivers their career from FALSE DAC reporting!
Thank you for all your support,

Allen & Donna

This site is not responsible for libel, any driver who ever worked for a truck company is welcome to rate any company they worked for, of course if they got fired, they might not give an accurate description of what it was like to work there.

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