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Friday, September 5, 2008

Other high paying Frederick MD trucking jobs

Construction used to fuel the demand for CDL truck drivers, back in the 1980's when I started driving, when a rookie took a test drive if you could "make it around the parking lot without hitting anything", you were hired!

With the recent failings of the mortgage market and the temporary decline in housing prices, construction has lost it's top spot in high paying truck driving jobs.


Even though housing prices have fallen in the majority of the country... Here, at least in some places housing prices have actually INCREASED.

Montgomery county, Northwest DC and some Virginia counties have seen housing prices go UP.

For the most part, construction firms have old school, crusty, often computer illiterate (definitely Internet illiterate), arrogant, staff Sargent like managers in charge of hiring.

These guys think there still back in the day where the company had all the power and the employee had to grovel in the dust at their feet in order to get a job.

The new reality hasn't hit them yet:

They need us MORE than we need them.

But for right now, housing starts are non existent... so temporarily, even though
they're mistaken, right now, there's a bunch of dump truck drivers chasing an ever smaller number of dump truck jobs.

So what is a CDL driver to do?

Drive something OTHER than a dump truck.

Like a Concrete Mixer?

With a mixer, you're getting paid to:

  • BE careful, you're driving a truck with the center of gravity not on the frame, but behind your head

  • Don't let the concrete set up, pay close attention to how many revolutions the drum has made since you left the plant

  • A mixer has:

    A spinning liquid load, a 20 ton (spinning, liquid load)... get the picture?

    Turn against the direction of the rotation of the drum as quick as you'd like...
    Turn WITH the rotation and you're butt will be 'suckin naugahyde'!

    You only have to feel both wheels on one side of a truck lift off the pavement ONCE for you to learn to never do that again!

    So... this is Frederick Maryland we're talking about, right?

    And what concrete mixer jobs are there to be had in Frederick?

    Frederick Plant - Frederick, MD
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    Serving Frederick County, Washington County, Howard County, Carroll County, and Montgomery County, Maryland

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    Frederick, MD , 21704-7221
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