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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Over the Road jobs in Frederick Maryland +$1000 week

It's possible to work out of state and have your CDL truck (tractor) based here in Frederick Maryland.

There is a hotel off RT 70 that allows tractor trailers to park, it's free if you rent a room there (most of the time the company you work for pays the rent)and if you don't stay there, you can pay a small monthly fee to park.

Other people simply park their rig in shopping center parking lots or other places where no one will complain.

Walmart off RT 26 is one place I parked when I worked for Superior Carriers.

I have hazmat and tanker... there's a severe shortage of ANY Class A drivers, but if you have either the hazmat endorsement or both hazmat and tanker you can get hired in a flash.

I quit driving for Superior Carriers because of hours of service violations - actually Superior simply 'got rid of me' when I refused to drive while too tired.

They're gonna say I got fired, but I really don't care!

I'd rather be looking for a new job than become a greasy stain on the side of the mountain off PA route 31.

Superior paid by the mile - and my run was 5 times a week from the Proctor and Gamble plant off Holabird Ave in Baltimore MD to a point near the Ohio/ Pennsylvania state line, I took empty trailers up and switched them with a full one at a truck stop not far from the Ohio line.

This is called a 'relay', a CDL driver may only drive roughly 600 miles in a single day and stay legal. (10 hours a day @ 60 MPH = 600 miles)

The problem was in unloading... I was out of hours when I got to Uniliver (the parent company for Proctor and Gamble, well maybe it's not the parent company but perhaps it's the manufacturing arm of P & G), it took around 3 hours for my truck to get unloaded, leaving me going over the Baltimore Harbor Key Bridge in violation of Maryland D.O.T. hours of service laws

One day when I ran my relay, switched an empty trailer for a loaded trailer full of concentrated fabric softener I was just too tired to drive, I took a nap... and my delivery was late.

There's also good things to say about Superior Carriers - some trucking companies refuse to pay for training (what happens if you get hurt in their truck and you're 'off the clock' ???)

Superior Carriers paid me FULL WAGES while I road as a passenger learning the route.
I got paid $.39 mile loaded and $.34 mile empty

This worked out to $265 a day, if I'd made all 5 runs I'd have made almost $1400 a week.

There are many 'Walking Floor' trailers parked at the hotel that once was a truck stop off RT 70, those guys are driving for a firm that contracts trash removal from the Frederick County Landfill to landfills in Pennsylvania and down south somewhere near Richmond Virgina.

A walking floor trailer is a dump trailer that doesn't raise up in the air to unload. What happens is the floor of the truck 'walks', it kind of 'pumps the contents off the truck'

The company pays by the load, it works out to $250 a day.

This site is not responsible for libel, any driver who ever worked for a truck company is welcome to rate any company they worked for, of course if they got fired, they might not give an accurate description of what it was like to work there.

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