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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tractor Trailer OR Local Driver jobs?

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Which will you be better off with? Over The Road Tractor Trailer OR Local Driver Jobs?

I've been a Commercial Driver over 26 years and I have to answer that question with a resounding LOCAL DRIVER JOBS pay the best!

Over the road means pay by the mile for the most part. You can make over $200 a day by the mile but often you give all that 'great sounding income' back when you sit at a loading dock not getting paid. Sometimes a shipper will pay you a flat fee for unloading but I've never seen that fee be anything near minimum wage, not in all the 26 years I've been doing this for a living have I seen unloading pay be more than $20 if your lucky.
Waiting to get empty and not getting paid
What if you have to sit there, waiting... for 5 or 6 hours?

6 hours at $20 total unloading pay?

Local Drivers get paid by the mile, if the Commercial CDL truck you got hired to drive operates within less than a 100 mile radius of the trucks home terminal, you are exempt from most of the Federal Truck Regulations. Federal FCC regs say the shipping company or trucking company does not have to pay time and a half, often they'll pay $.38 a mile and that can be as much as $200 to $250 a day but you give much of that daily take back when you sit at a loading dock not making a dime.

Local drivers also get the benefit of not being subject to the strict hours of service regulations, in other words you can work overtime and not go to jail for being over 60 hours.

Frederick Truck Drivers - Superior Concrete  Mixer

The 'enforcement' of the hours of service is where you get the wiggle room to make extra overtime- If you get in an accident, and your over your hours, both you and the company will get in trouble. If someone dies in an accident and it's found that you were over hours, you'll get arrested or go to jail. The difference between going over hours in a local truck and going over hours in a FCC regulated Tractor Trailer is in the daily reporting requirements.

Local Straight Truck - if you go over 10 hours a day no one is going to know about it. DOT does not require that you keep a log of your hours.

Over The Road (FCC regulated Tractor Trailer)- if you go over 10 hours a day you have to log it. There is no way to hide it if you get pulled over... and DOT can pull you over when ever they feel like it. There is no *probable cause* requirement to get pulled over. DOT can pull you over at random and they do.

The Frederick News Post sometimes has CDL job openings listed in it's help wanted section and sometimes they have 'slim pickins'. It's not the FNP's fault, and it's not really the economy. The reason the paper doesn't have all the jobs is because the paper's readers often can not pass a drug test.

There are many Frederick Maryland Job Openings that are NOT listed in the local paper. Those jobs are listed online... think about this from an employers point of view: People answering an ad that they found online - at least that tells you something about the person's level of education. There is a significant chance the respondent is college educated, has a credit score over zero, and likely owns a car... a car with tags on it that actually are registered to the real owner.

Here are today's jobs listed in a newspaper:


Contractor in Gaithersburg, MD has one opening for a professional Low Boy Driver. Only Drivers with 3 yrs min. experience loading and hauling heavy equipment and clean license will be considered. Health & life Insurance, paid holidays, vacations, profit sharing, and monthly bonuses. Year round work.

Call 301-840-0325


CDL Drivers Wanted!
Mattress Warehouse


Min. 5 yrs exp. in Grounds Maintenance. w/at least 3 as Supervisor. Must have strong hort. knowledge plus cust. serv. skills. Knowledge in hardscapes a strong plus. Must be bilingual. Requires clean/ valid MD drivers lic. Fax resume to 301-368-3637


CDL jobs in Frederick Maryland


Truck Driver jobs in Frederick Maryland

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