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Thursday, August 28, 2008

$1000 week jobs in East Frederick City Frederick Maryland

I cannot speak with any authority about any company that I did not personally work for.

I've got 25 years of heavy truck driving experience, HazMat, Tanker, Class A endorsements.
I drove trucks for 6 years before the federal CDL laws standardized all state requirements.

Now with that kind of expirience under my belt I wont get out of bed for less than $200 a day... the beauty of a class A tractor trailer licence is that if the construction business tanks (locally) you can 'pack up your marbles' and haul something else!

In or near Frederick Maryland (I live within the City of Frederick city limits) there are several $1000 week jobs that I personally worked at and can recommend to any CDL driver looking for employment.

Now that I'm a free lance writer and contributing webmaster for I don't have to drive a truck unless I want to (or if cash flow sucks at the moment)

Here goes:

Hahn Transportation Inc.
PO Box 8, New Market, MD
21774-3210, United States
(301)865-5467, (301)865-3138 fax,

salary I made: $19 an hour
Hauled Gasoline to Wah Wah gas stations
Hahn takes EXTREMELY good care of thier trucks
no kiding... tell the mechanic x, y or z is wrong and it goes in the shop!

Driver supervisor: Fred Lawson

Dewey Jordan Inc.
Frederick Maryland
6309 Monocacy Blvd, Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 662-3389
Driver supervisor: Kirk
salary I made: $16.50 with lots of time and a half
Drove Water Truck off road at Rt355 & Rt85 interchange.

Dewey Jordan doesn't really have 'truck drivers', virtually everyone that works there is actually an equipment operator (bull dozers and the like), the fact that they have CDL's is just extra.

Dewey Jordan's equipment needs to be in a museum, but they do fix stuff... the vehicles rarley leave the job site so it doesn't matter much as long as it stops.

You come in every day and do your job and you get LOTS of overtime, no hours shaved off your time sheet, I got more hours than anyone- water truck = first one there, last one to leave.

Blue Mountain Express Inc
291 Bucheimer Rd, Frederick, MD 21701-3141
(301) 663-1270
Driver supervisor: Bill Cooney
US Post Office Mail Contractor
From Blogs- Business Advertising Secret Weapon

salary I made: paid by the trip, usually worked out to at least $19 an hour.
BME takes good care of their equipment, even though it's not new.

You're being paid to be ontime, this is the US mail we're talking about.
Only gripe I had with BME is when I got sick... do do happens when you start to get old, but the mail is the mail... so I don't hold a grudge.

Good Job, pretty good benefits (Mail drivers got 100% of health insurance fully paid for by Blue Mountain Express which is precisly why I wanted to work there)

This site is not responsible for libel, any driver who ever worked for a truck company is welcome to rate any company they worked for, of course if they got fired, they might not give an accurate description of what it was like to work there.

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