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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More on Owner Operators vs Company Drivers

If you have a clean driving record, it's probably best to work for a larger company.

However, small independent owner operators can be useful if you're driving record leaves something to be desired.

If you've got a few months until a suspension or points come off your Maryland MVA driving record you may want to work for a smaller company.


  • Larger Companies pay from the moment you turn the key OR clock in

  • smaller companies often rent their trucks out to larger firms, you get paid ONLY for the hours the truck is earning money...

    This isn't technically legal, the law is the law: just because you agree to violate the law, doesn't mean the law doesn't apply!

    However... you got your licence messed up, you did that to yourself.
    You DO want to work, don't you?

    If you don't have enough experience, working for a small company might be just what the doctor ordered... just suck it up and pay your dues.

    It wont take long, (less than a year, remember, demand exceeds supply) and you can quit the crappy job and get a real job.


  • Bigger companies pay either once a week or every two weeks

  • Owner Operators often pay cash at the end of each day

  • If you're working a job, temporarily, just until you get a better job, getting paid cash could really work out for you.

    How do I know any of this?

    I've taken jobs that pay cash... you do NOT have to work a job unless it's to YOUR advantage...

    They need you more than you need them.


    This site is not responsible for libel, any driver who ever worked for a truck company is welcome to rate any company they worked for, of course if they got fired, they might not give an accurate description of what it was like to work there.

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