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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Demand Exceeds Supply, it still does construction or no

How many young CDL truck drivers do you see?

Not many.

How many CDL truck drivers do you see with grey hair?

Most of em.

Baby Boomers make up the largest part of the population, and we're all retiring at once... There ARE no 25 year olds to take our place.

This is a fact!

Now the economy is changing, the status quo no longer holds, entire careers are becoming obsolete at a faster and faster rate.

You're career is likely to be gone within 11 years, so if you're going to get a raise or move up you should switch jobs every 3 years.

The thing I like about construction CDL jobs is overtime. In an over the road job, you get paid for miles driven, the law says your company does not have to pay time & a half.

What's wrong with this is frequently you get stuck off loading and not getting paid.

What I like about tractor trailer jobs is that you're availablity of work is NOT dependent on housing starts, the prime rate, mortgage money availablity... you can 'pack up your marbles' and haul something else.

Frederick Maryland construction CDL jobs are in short supply, there's probably 100 drivers seeking 30 job openings...

that said, you can haul something else, you do not have to work in construction!

Demand Still Exceeds Supply

David Bruce Jr.
Frederick Web Promotions

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