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Monday, October 13, 2008

26 years ago this guy taught me to drive big trucks

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The guy that owns this truck (it's parked on South St in Frederick Maryland right across from Griffith Oil's yard) took me out to train me at Steuart Petroleum 26 years ago... damn, now I feel old!

Maryland didn't call it a CDL back in 1982, if memory serves it was called a chauffeur's licence...any how I got a Class B, straight truck licence with Haz Mat and Tanker... and had that Class B until 2003 when I passed the Class A tractor trailer licence test.

Blue Mountain Express Frederick Maryland'

There is a serious need for CDL driving schools... and there are local colleges scrambling to collect their piece of the government provided student loan pie...


I didn't take no stupid classes... well I did rent a truck to take the test in, and that truck came with a driver... but I DID NOT have to shell out thousands of dollars on overpriced/ stuffed with filler/ 'classes'.

What you need is to pay a truck owner by the hour to take his truck to MVA.

I lived in Baltimore when I got my Class A, I paid an outfit called "Drive Rite" $90 an hour... only took me 4 hours to pass... which beats the hell out of $3000 for a loan that would keep me from getting a Government job or keep me from getting my taxes back if I failed to repay the loan!!!

Some enterprising local Frederick truck owner ought to see this need and fill it.

Think about this now... an off road truck, so you don't need extra insurance, all you gotta do is make sure the person you're renting your truck to has a learners permit.

And to keep the unelected bureaucrats off your ass (the democrats are seriously wanting to make all schools part of the colleges, no independent business entrepreneurs for us... democrats want to drive a stake through the hearts of any one who even thinks of starting a business..."shame on us") is where that rant shoulda been...

What you want to call the person is 'the guy who's renting the truck'
What you do NOT want to call him is 'student'


because there are legal (and insurance regulations) and MVA regulations about who is and who is not certified to teach.

Who is gonna pay $90 an hour to go to MVA?

Only someone who knows how to drive, has driven a big truck already, has a Class B with air brakes and such... all they need is to get a Class A to double the number of jobs available to em.

nuff said for this post

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