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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

OTR pays better but takes more out of you.

Frederick Landfill

Most of my previous posts have been about Maryland CDL truck driving jobs that pay by the hour, like construction trucking, dump trucks and such.

The bigger money is in Over The Road trucking, but it doesn't come without it's hardships... when you run out of time (no more than 14 hours consecutive but roughly 10 hours a day) you've got to stop, right there.

You may find yourself at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere!

Truck stops are usually found about 600 miles give or take from a major shipping center.


Because we can only drive 600 miles a day and stay legal (hours of service limitations from D.O.T.)

Wassler Frederick MD

The good thing about dump truck jobs is OVERTIME (time and a half)

In Virginia, I worked for C.W.Strittmater in Mannassas. Got paid $16 an hour, $24 for time and a half.

In Baltimore most trucking firms paid $13 an hour, making it $19.50 for time and a half. Baltimore's cost of living is much lower than DC areas.

Over The Road CDL jobs almost always pay by the mile.

So much a mile loaded, so much a mile 'deadheading' (coming back empty)

The biggest pain in the butt for O.T.R. is getting unloaded... you sometimes get paid a paltry fee for waiting there to get empty or loaded... often it's not even minimum wage!

If you're getting a couple hundred a day to get there, they guess you've gotten yours... somebody's got to wait there till you get empty.

You just gotta give some of it back!

This site is not responsible for libel, any driver who ever worked for a truck company is welcome to rate any company they worked for, of course if they got fired, they might not give an accurate description of what it was like to work there.

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