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Saturday, October 25, 2008

F.O. Day Company in Frederick MD

How to Dump Asphalt:

When you get loaded with asphalt, it's HOT, asphalt is "Gloopy" like oatmeal, it's made out of tar and various sizes of gravel.

To dump it, you have to back up to the paver (asphalt paving machine that looks like a farm tractor of sorts).

The paving machine can't take your entire load... so you have to raise the bed slowly, the paving operator will give you hand signals to tell you when to STOP raising the bed.

The asphalt will slide out, not all at once, it'll trickle down until the bed of your truck get's to a point where gravity overcomes the stickyness of the asphalt.

At that point you lower the bed quickly.

The operator will most definitley get pissed off at you if you overload his machine!

Hazmat and Tanker:

Before they lay down the layers of asphalt, they have to coat the underlaying surface with a sort of glue, they call that glue "TACK"

The "Tack Truck" is the one piece of equipment I've not driven, even thought I do have both the tanker and hazmat endorsements.

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